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Are you a blogger, business owner, freelancer or a personal brand enthusiast who is struggling to define your brand? Do you feel as if developing a brand is really hard and don't get why it's so important? Do you feel as if your brand (including your visual brand) is all over the place and has no consistency or cohesion? Are you tearing out your hair in frustration because you don't know what your unique brand message is and how you can use it to stand out in a saturated industry? If you've answered, 'yes' to any one of these questions, then this course is for you!

Through this value-packed course you will learn:

  • What exactly branding is and why it is important if you want to succeed in your blog or business
  • How to figure out and understand your target audience to better attract them and where exactly to find them
  • How to find and develop your unique brand message and voice
  • How to effectively develop your brand style and maintain it
  • How to use your improved brand to reach more of your audience


I will share all the tried and tested tools and resources (and show you how to get the most out of them) that you can use to improve your brand even further. Like I said, it's a value-packed course.


  • In need of some copywriting services? I've got you covered. Blossom The Creativist is giving any course student a special price for her writing services. By special, I mean, very special. ;)
  • Get free access to a crash course in creating branded videos by the talented Michelle Roycroft of The Film Still. Perfect for those who want to take their brand to another level through video; be it Periscope, webinars or Facebook Live!
  • Feeling discouraged, overwhelmed and like you're not in control of your biz? You can get free access to the Visibility Vixen, Michelle Lewis' course, Life Reboot.
  • If you ever want to work with me, you'll get a 20% discount for my brand and website design packages. I'm not offering this anywhere else ever again!

Dear friend, I want you to make a success of your brand, which is why I've collaborated with these amazing women to make sure you will be able to. Your future's waiting.

Why is it free if it has so much value?

In this course contains the expertise and knowledge I use in my branding packages with my clients and I could put a price tag on it but I wouldn't be able to help out as many people as I would like to and helping out people is the whole point. Whether you can afford it or not, I want to show you how powerful improving your brand can be to your business and blog and that you, too can have a profitable brand. I also know there are many of you who are in a position where you could really use a course about branding but cannot afford it right now, if so, this is for you and I'm so glad you've found it.

Before you proceed...

This course is for serious people who really want to improve their brands. I really want to see you have success with this course and that will only happen if you're serious about it so when you sign up, best believe I'm going to put you to work, work, work! ;)


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  • This course was AMAZING. I’m surprised at the amount of value in this 5 day course and I know I’ll be referencing it constantly! As someone who has a background and education in branding, I thought I was going to go through this and know most of it, but I was definitely wrong. As I’m building my business and starting a brand from scratch, this is an amazing tool to help me get the perfect brand from the start!
    — Brittany Lockwood