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New Brand and Website for ToyiToyi Toys

A couple of months ago I hosted an Instagram challenge called Improve Your Brand and to make things more interesting I put together a huge giveaway prize (read about it here!) for those who participated. At the end of the challenge I randomly drew a name and Jennifer Blaine, of ToyiToyi Toys, was the first person I drew and thus began a cool albeit challenging design process.

Whereas I’ve designed brands and websites for online stores, I had yet to work with a toy company but since I like trying new things and challenges, I took on this project head on. Read on to read about the design process.

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Brand Identity and Website Design: Ginger & Gold

There’s new brand identity and website design in town, yay! When I saw that a friend of mine, Lekgolo, had started her own freelance PR company and saw that she didn’t have a brand identity yet, I offered her my services and luckily she jumped at the chance and was enthusiastic about it. Hers may just be my favourite brand identity design yet.

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Branding Design: Koffie Kantien

In college we had a chance to work on many branding projects and I’m including a few in my portfolio.

For this particular design projects, I had to design a new brand identity for a fictional coffee shop slash gallery called Koffie Kantien (Coffee Canteen). The objective was to create a ‘green’ identity that would have little or no impact to the environment. It was a challenge and I loved it.

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