Brand Identity and Website Design: Ginger & Gold

There’s new brand identity and website design in town, yay! When I saw that a friend of mine, Lekgolo, had started her own freelance PR company and saw that she didn’t have a brand identity yet, I offered her my services and luckily she jumped at the chance and was enthusiastic about it. Hers may just be my favourite brand identity design yet.

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Branding Design: Introducing The Rebrand

I decided a few weeks ago to rebrand not only the website but Allebasi as a whole. I wrote a post about why I rebranded here.

This time around I wanted to delve deeper into the Allebasi storytelling theme which meant unlocking the aspects of books. I created a mood board of the feelings and tone I wanted my new brand to portray and I saw that most of the pictures I included have an old-school modern vintage feel. There’s type written quotes, by Hemingway and Fitzgerald (who are amazing), a typewriter, a dainty bookstore, soft pastel tones, a page from my notebook and even an old pair of Chucks.


Looking at the mood board, it’s clearly reflects my inner soul. I set to designing the logo which still retains the pencil icon and the colours from my first logo, with the grey colour a little softer than the initial one. I added one more main colour; turquoise, which is a colour I’ve grown to love in recent years. It’s a complimentary colour, and it brings a sense of tranquility and calm (whereas purple shakes things up) so turquoise balances the brand. I chose a white background for a clean seamless design which is a far cry from the dark grey background I used in the previous brand identity design.

I chose to have a tagline for my brand this time around; A Great Brand Tells a Story, because I love brands that tell stories and my aim is to also design brands that tell a wonderful story.  

I’m partial to sans serif fonts in design. I just believe they are seamless. This time however, since I wanted things to be a little old school and look like it was typewritten, I paired the sans serif logo with a serif typeface. Usually you want to pair a sans serif with sans serif but I wanted to try something new, hence why my new brand design is comprised of both sans serif and serif typefonts.

My favourite thing about this old school storytelling theme is that I get to print my business cards with a letterpress and seal my thank you notes or letters with a wax seal which is just exciting to me (and may just mean I’ll be sending a lot of letters). I also love that the brand is more grown up, serene and most importantly, feels like home.

It makes me feel nostalgic, and I hope that my target audience also feels a sense of nostalgia every time they see encounter my brand. Ultimately I’d love for them to feel included; the way a person would when reading a book.

Branding Design: Old Allebasi Design

 I am a self confessed bookworm. I love reading and I also love writing so when it came to brainstorming our self promotional branding identity back in my final year of college in 2013, I had no doubt that my brand would have to reflect that. I also wanted potential clients to feel like they were reading a story and then feel like they were part of that story and that was my way of including them into my brand. Other than a storytelling theme, I wanted to show the humourous

When I was thinking of the name to use for my brand, I was thinking of the books I read growing up and being a huge fan of Roald Dahl as a kid, I remembered reading his book, Esio Trot, which is Tortoise spelled backwards. It sparked an idea to write my name Isabella backwards, and thus Allebasi was born. I loved that it sounded good and I would probably have gone with another idea if it sounded horrible. Another thing about the name is that at first glance, it’s hard to tell that the name is actually Isabella backwards. Upon realizing what it is, you appreciate how actually simple it is.


My favourite part of the whole logo is the little pencil icon which is made up of the two ‘L’s in the name. I love it so much that it’s even in my new rebrand. The pencil strengthens the storytelling theme and also reflects my being a designer. I want people to see the pencil and think of Allebasi. Who knows? Maybe the purple pencil will be to Allebasi what the swish is to Nike.

As for the colours, I chose my favourite colour combination: purple and grey. Purple had always been a favourite colour of mine ever since I can remember and it’s such a strong, regal colour. Grey is a colour that I always seem to be drawn to for some reason. Most of the clothes in my wardrobe are grey, I painted my bedroom door grey (I wanted to paint the walls but I was told they’d be too dark) and even my phone cover is grey. It makes a lot of sense now why I chose grey to be a part of my brand then and it still is, along with purple!


I used darker colours here not only to stand out but to also depict my loud personality. Before I used to always shrink in the background, now I was finding the courage to be myself in front of people.

This has been a post about Allebasi’s first branding design so you could see what is was like before and why it was about time I rebranded.