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How to set goals that you’ll actually reach

Hey creatives!

Let's talk goals for a moment, shall we?

When it comes to goal-setting you will be forgiven to not take it seriously actually should.

Goals should be more than a to-do list or a list of things you’d like to have or be.

They should serve as a reminder that it’s all possible, only if you put in the work.

Goals give you a purpose; they act as a roadmap to what you want to achieve and the life you desire.

So instead of wandering around aimlessly and just throwing everything at something to see what sticks, how about setting actionable goals that you will dedicate time working towards?

I know, saying it is one thing and actually writing down effective goals is another.

This is where this blog post comes in.

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The thin line between inspiration and comparision

Hey creatives!

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “comparison is the thief of joy”, which -let’s be honest- we all know to be true. When it comes to creative businesses, it’s quite easy to fall into the trap of comparison when we look for inspiration from other creative business owners.

I like to say that there is a thin line between inspiration and comparison. So how do we prevent ourselves from comparing ourselves to people who we’ve previously sought inspiration from and protect the joy in our own businesses?

First we have to know the difference between inspiration and comparison.

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Business For Success

Hey creatives!

We all want success, right? Yes! Like pizza! I know there are a bunch of people who don't like pizza so yeah, maybe not like pizza but we all want success! 

When running a business, you have to constantly make sure that your business is prepared for success, otherwise you’ll find that you’ve missed opportunities to grow when you had them because your business just wasn’t prepared to handle or make use of those opportunities.

Wouldn’t that be tragic?

Less tragic than a Shakespearean play but much more tragic than coming home after a long day excited to eat those leftovers but opening the fridge and finding that someone had already eaten them.

Let’s stop that from happening, shall we? In today’s post, I have complied 5 ways to prepare your business for success and they are the very same methods that I am currently using in my business and I’ve seen quite a bit of growth already. After the jump:

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5 Things I Do in The Mornings That Help Me Retain My Sanity As a Solo Entrepreneur

I’ve been running this little business of mine solo for 3 years now and it could be a wonder how I managed to keep my sanity. Granted, there were times were I could have easily undressed and went running naked in the streets of Johannesburg because I had temporarily lost my mind (I think I came close on one or two occasions) but so far I have done a great job of preventing that.

Because I do everything from writing blog posts such as these, maintaining my social media, creating free email courses, designing brands and websites for clients, doing the usual living and at the same time, while trying very hard to resurrect my non-existent social life (hehe) to doing the usual living and not becoming a slave to my passion, I do need a ritual of some sort to prevent my brain from spontaneously combusting and have me running naked in the streets with my dignity barely hanging on. Today I’m going to share a bit about my morning ritual:

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How To Start a Business With Little To No Money

Many people have an idea for a viable business but more often than not, the only thing that stands in the way of actually getting their business off the ground is lack of funding. We have become conditioned to thinking that we need a lot of money to start a business but so many people have started businesses with little to no money. People like Richard Branson and Sara Blakely (the inventor of Spanx)!

If you have a dream, determination and no funding, you too can do it. I did it as well, mostly because I wanted to start small and thanks to my Mum’s influence, I didn’t like the thought of owing someone a lot of money. How about I show you how?

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Five Things The Dark Knight Taught Me About Running A Business

I know, I know. I’m a Marvel fan but Batman is why am I writing about Batman? And what does superheroes even have to do with business? Why am I even writing about an old movie? Geez, so many questions...haha! To answer; I love superhero movies and it doesn’t matter if they are from Marvel or DC; Marvel just has been doing a good job of feeding my superhero film obsession.

The first superhero I was exposed to from a very young age was Tim Burton's Batman  and yes, I had a crush on Batman. (Gosh, why did I admit that?) But that’s not the point. The point is you can learn a lot from some of these movies and -as I’ve realised a few days when I decided to unwind by rewatching Christopher Nolan’s brilliant The Dark Knight- you can even learn a thing or two about running a business. And boy, do I have exhibits:

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4 Reasons Not To Freak Out About Email List Unsubscribers + Tips On How To Decrease Your Unsubscriber Rates

So you’ve set up your mailing list that people signed up for. You decide to take the leap and send out a newsletter and suddenly you’re getting notifications for unsubscribes. That’s not what you wanted, you actually want people to subscribe, not unsubscribe! You will be tempted to wail and send emails saying, “Nooo! Come back, stay! Here’s a 50% coupon that you are probably not interested in but it’ll entice you to stay for a little while!” to the people who have unsubscribed to your mailing list. Dramatics aside, maybe you’re gobsmacked to what you should do now.

The common misconception with mailing list newbies is that email unsubscribes are bad and you’re doing something drastically wrong. Don’t freak out, I’m here to tell you that it’s not a bad thing; it’s actually a good thing for your business! Here's several reasons why:

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3 Ways to Improve Your Small Business

Perhaps my favourite and even slightly intimidating thing about life and business is how you can never know enough. I like to think of knowledge as infinite because it is just so large and expansive that one can never hope to reach its limits in a lifetime. With that said, knowledge can arm you with the tools you need to succeed in business, that no one can take away.

A few months ago I took a break from design because I wanted to give my clients a lot of value within my design packages. I learned about branding and design in college but still it wasn’t enough. For me to be able to give my clients something that is even more than they expected, I needed to know even more than they expected from me.

So I took time away to learn and educate myself extensively on branding; the development, strategy and theory. I took what I learned and changed my business model from the inside out and I saw the results, they were astounding! Best part? I can now help my clients with the same thing. I help them develop their brands, create strategies, etc. all before I get to design their brand identity. I increased my design package prices and both listed packaged includes every aspect of branding, not just visuals.

Cool right? You too can arm yourself with the necessary skills needed to improve your business and give your clients of customers the best service you can give, and this will all go hand-in-hand in attracting more of your ideal customers and thus generate more revenue for your business. I’m going to list some of the few ways you can improve your business without breaking the bank; you will only need time, patience and perseverance. Ready? *claps hands* Well, let’s go!

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4 Extremely Important Things Newbie Business Owners Should Know

Congratulations on starting your new business! Now that the easy part is out of the way, the hard part begins but it some things don’t have to be hard. There are a lot of things that new business owners should know when running their business but I have compiled a few that I believe are extremely important to running a successful business.

Everything included here is based on what I have learned through trial and error during my three years of running Allebasi Design and because I want you to actually have a successful first year of running your business, I’m sharing it all with you!

Without further ado here’s what newbie business owners or entrepreneurs need to know about:

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How to Write an Autoresponder Email Series That Engages Your Email Subscribers From Day One

Congratulations! You’ve got your blog up and running, your lead magnet giveaway sorted to entice new subscribers and a landing page all set up. Now you’re ready to start inviting people to join your subscription list...

But hang on a minute!

What happens to your subscribers once they grab their freebie? What are you doing to make sure they stay on your list and engage with you and your brand? If you’re sitting there, hyperventilating because you hadn’t even thought about what to do with your subscribers after they jumped on your list, worry no more.

This blog post is going to tell you EXACTLY what to do to engage your subscribers from the day they join your email list.

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2015: A Recap

Hello creatives! Oh my, how I missed blogging, but when life gets busy, it gets busy! I just got the time to properly sit down and write about what a wonder 2015 was. Scary as it is, I’m about to be transparent with you.

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How to keep the faith when it seems your business is failing

Hello creatives!

When you’ve put a lot of time and money into our business and having to go months living frugally and being stressed about how you’re going to get through the next month because your business isn’t doing as well as you hoped it would, it can be so, so easy to get discouraged and throw in the towel.

I’ve been there...

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Three TED Talks That Changed The Way I Do Business

I don’t know exactly when I got into watching TED talks but I know why; I had these spaces of time where I had nothing to do and I could not fill my sketchbook with doodles that were typical of a slow work’s day. But because I didn’t want to waste time, I wanted to spend the time doing something productive, or at least something that would improve my life in some way and boy, was my life improved.

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Why Being Busy Does Not Equal Being Productive

I used to believe that being busy was something to strive for and the busier you are the better. I thought being busy meant having a lot of things done and when people would ask me what I’m doing, I’d reply with “I am very busy right now” or tell them that I am swamped with work. I thought that being swamped with work is something to be proud of. Boy, was I wrong.

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Twitter Chat for Entrepreneurs

When I’m procrastinating doing things I really should do (like writing blog posts!) I can be found online on the internet, just casually scrolling and surfing. On one such occasion I wanted to link with other creative entrepreneurs in SA and it was such a struggle. I asked around on Twitter and even asked on Reddit. There were a handful who actually replied to me and I’m so keen to find more about them and support their ventures. After enquiring on Facebook, I came across a few people who wanted to start their own businesses but do not know how or where to get support. Because of this and knowing that I can be able to help using what I’ve learnt on my journey, I had an idea to host an Entrepreneur Chat on Twitter where fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs would come together to share their stories, tips and advice.

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How To Find Your Focus And Increase Productivity

I have a problem with focusing on one thing at a time. My mind is so busy and I get so many ideas and think about things I need to do, several times a day. The kicker is that I never get round to doing any of them. I am always planning to get some things done that I’ve been meaning to do for so long but didn’t because I never had the time.  

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My Biggest Business Challenges

When I first started Allebasi I knew that it would be challenging and it was. Since then, I have faced many challenges that I was able to overcome and today there are still some I am still trying to overcome. I don’t mind challenges; I welcome them. They make you improvise (one of my strengths is improvisation) and they help you ascend limits. Today I’m sharing four of my biggest challenges as a business owner.

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The Importance of Setting Business Goals

Setting goals has become a very important part of my life and now and consequently, a part of my business life. I wrote that I set goals for Allebasi Design in college and then I went on and made those goals a reality. From the beginning of last year, I stopped making New Years Resolutions and instead wrote down goals and it was amazing how I achieved more than I did when I wrote down goals instead of writing resolutions.

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Five Reasons Why It Was Time For a Rebrand

I started Allebasi 2 years ago, in 2013 and until recently, I have never rebranded. I designed it while I was still in college and then it was sparkling, awesome and amazing for me. I was happy to thrust my business cards at anyone and everyone who would take it and perhaps that was motivated by the fact that for the first time in my life, I had business cards that I designed myself.

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