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New Brand and Website for ToyiToyi Toys

A couple of months ago I hosted an Instagram challenge called Improve Your Brand and to make things more interesting I put together a huge giveaway prize (read about it here!) for those who participated. At the end of the challenge I randomly drew a name and Jennifer Blaine, of ToyiToyi Toys, was the first person I drew and thus began a cool albeit challenging design process.

Whereas I’ve designed brands and websites for online stores, I had yet to work with a toy company but since I like trying new things and challenges, I took on this project head on. Read on to read about the design process.

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Instagram Challenge: Improve Your Brand

Calling all small business owners, bloggers and personal branding enthusiasts! Do you want to make more leads from Instagram; be it clients, customers or networking connections? Do you feel your current Instagram feed is lacking and not strongly representing your brand? I’ve got a challenge for you and I hope you will join me!

Earlier this week I blogged about three ways you can improve your small business and how it needn’t cost you and arm and a leg. To prove that, I wanted to make an example with one aspect; improving your visual branding, specifically on Instagram.

Instagram is great, and if used correctly, it can generate you a lot of leads and sales and you can also use it to meet new people in your industry to collaborate with. One of the best ways to gain leads is to attract people to your feed and engage with them enough for them to trust your name and brand.

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Three noteworthy reasons why you should brand your online course

Online courses, much like your business, could benefit greatly from branding. I always tell my clients that they are not buying branding, they are buying an experience. See it this way: you need some nice, comfortable running shoes so you can go jogging early in the mornings. You need shoes with proper grip and shoes that wouldn’t fall apart within a year from use. You want quality and you want the experience of going running in those shoes and how they feel on your feet. But which shoes do you buy?

How about Nike running shoes? You’ve seen the advertisements of some lean woman going running on the roads and she’s clad in Nike running shoes and wouldn’t you know, you’ve heard people talking about how awesome the Nike+ running app is and how it tracks things like the distance you’ve ran and you can also compare distances or do running challenges with your friends on the app. So what do you do? You go and buy the Nike shoes because you want the experience! Awesome, right? That’s basically how branding works.

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Four Ways to Easily Brand Your Instagram Account To Stand Out Above The Crowd

We’ve all been there right? Been in the rabbit hole of Instagram and came across someone’s profile that made your jaw drop and you instantly fell in love. You know the one; so pretty you can’t stop scrolling, perfectly beautiful photos, style you only dream about? Well, pick that jaw up off the floor my friend because today I’m showing you exactly how to replicate that for your brand.

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How Good Branding Will Benefit You in the Long Run

Hey creatives!

When we first start our business, it’s easy to want to skimp on investing in good design because we find it to be expensive and not a worthwhile investment. But as a matter of fact, investing in a good brand identity design (and even a good brand strategy) could be one of the best initial investments you make in your business. Why? Well, grab those pens and notebooks because I’m going to explain a little something to you about how good branding can benefit you in the long run.

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A Look Into My Brand Identity Design Process

People (including me) are always interested in the process of how something is created and what goes on behind-the-scenes. I think it offers a look into how much work goes into the process; the curtain is pulled back and you see that it’s not all it seems on the surface. In design, designers may offer a behind-the-scenes to show how much work can go into creating something simple as a way to demonstrate that design actually, isn’t easy and something that any five year old can do. I love to see other artists’ process because there is always something to learn from them. You can learn anything from the resources they use in their work or their methods. Today I’m going to share my own process and I hope that you can get something out of it.

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Brand vs Brand Identity

I have noticed that there is quite a bit of confusion when it comes to brand versus brand identity that the two have began to be used interchangeably. The uses of the terms have evolved and now they are used to describe entirely different things but the two terms are still vastly different. There is also some debate on whether a graphic designer (who designs brand identities) can describe themselves as a brand designer. I describe myself as a brand identity designer because I believe a graphic designer cannot design a brand for a company, but they can design brand identities. So what’s the difference?

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Five Reasons Why It Was Time For a Rebrand

I started Allebasi 2 years ago, in 2013 and until recently, I have never rebranded. I designed it while I was still in college and then it was sparkling, awesome and amazing for me. I was happy to thrust my business cards at anyone and everyone who would take it and perhaps that was motivated by the fact that for the first time in my life, I had business cards that I designed myself.

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