Three noteworthy reasons why you should brand your online course

Benefits of branding your e-course

Online courses, much like your business, could benefit greatly from branding. I always tell my clients that they are not buying branding, they are buying an experience. See it this way: you need some nice, comfortable running shoes so you can go jogging early in the mornings. You need shoes with proper grip and shoes that wouldn’t fall apart within a year from use. You want quality and you want the experience of going running in those shoes and how they feel on your feet. But which shoes do you buy?

How about Nike running shoes? You’ve seen the advertisements of some lean woman going running on the roads and she’s clad in Nike running shoes and wouldn’t you know, you’ve heard people talking about how awesome the Nike+ running app is and how it tracks things like the distance you’ve ran and you can also compare distances or do running challenges with your friends on the app. So what do you do? You go and buy the Nike shoes because you want the experience! Awesome, right? That’s basically how branding works.

Better marketing

Once you’ve branded your online course, it’ll be much easier to market and promote it. You have a clearer idea who your target students are, where they hang out, how you can reach them and get them to pay for your course. It also gets easier to promote it because you know which social media platforms they mostly use, which blogs they love to read and so on and so forth. Branding just makes your job easier; instead of just throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks (I think this is how the saying goes?) you can use a brand strategy to do some targeted promotion and advertising. Who wouldn’t like to save time by focusing on strategies they know will work instead of guesswork?

You know what else will be the difference between your ideal number of students and the I-can’t-believe-this-many-people-signed-up-wow number of students? Visuals. Seriously, don’t knock the power of visuals when it comes to marketing. There are numerous studies that prove that visual branding and the use of colour psychology can influence purchases, let me tell you, first impressions really do count! Just look at this infographic from KISSmetrics below:

KISSmetrics colour psychology

Like the article says, customers do place visual appearance and colour above other factors such as sound, smell and texture and when you are in the online course business, you have only visuals and sound (if your courses include audio) to depend on so why wouldn’t you make the most out of it and just go the whole nine yards to ensure that as many people as possible sign up for your course? Wouldn’t you want to strengthen your brand so much that when people hear about a topic you’ve covered in your course they think, “Oh, I remember this and that had a course on this and that and it was awesome.”? I definitely would. I would want people to recognise or think of my brand when they see specific combination of colours or hear about a specific topic. Then the brand will just market itself.  

Increased value

With professional, well-done branding you can increase the value of your content and you could even increase the price of the offering. With a higher price, people will expect value and imagine their delight when it is exactly value you give to them.

Now, I always pride value above all else; with my services, I like to go above and beyond when working with my clients. I do more than they expected of me and even after working with me they get a double whammy of added value in the form of a carefully curated thank-you gift box that I send to them after they’ve worked with me. This way they got more than they expected and I get to have happy clients with a brand new brand and website they love and who feel like royalty when they’ve worked with me and they are more likely to recommend my services to their friends. Value, value, value – value for me and value for them- I urge you to do the same; pride yourself on offering value and delivering value.

The most amazing thing about visual communication is that you can use visuals to show people how much value you offer. It is in the strength of your brand; the design of your logo, your understanding and use of colour, the design of the course website designed with the user experience in mind and the design of the worksheets and workbooks as well. You can well go above and beyond in what you choose to communicate through your online brand by choosing to show more than you tell.

Engaged and participating students

Have you ever been in a drab and boring classroom? The walls were bare, there weren’t anything interesting for your eyes to focus on and even the books were plain and bare. How interesting was it to learn in that classroom then? Not so much, right? I bet you even counted the minutes until you could leave. This also counts with online lessons; you need to be able engage your students so they can participate enthusiastically otherwise the hard work you’ve put into the content would have been for naught. How devastating would that be?

This is where your visuals come in: by investing in branding for your online course, you can use colour and graphics to keep your students’ focus and well-designed workbooks will make them eager to fill them out and actually get to work. This way it’s a win-win situation; you get to provide an amazing, valuable learning experience for your students and they get to actually take action with what they’ve learned from you. Result? Happy students who will most likely recommend your course to other people and others most likely to purchase your next offering because your content helped them, it was a great learning experience and they got to take action using what you’ve taught them.

To provide this exact service of branding your online course, I have created a package especially for e-course teachers who want to take their courses to new heights by increasing its value in order to foster a great learning experience for their students and also increase their e-course sign-ups and earnings. Be sure to check out the package right here and if you are launching a paid online course in the next month or so, contact me! I’m offering two teachers 20% off my listed package price on a first come, first serve basis.

I’d love to hear from you, which courses did you take that you think provided a lot of value? What did you like from their visual brand?