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How to Create Button Triggered Pop-up Forms Using Squarespace and ConvertKit

Hey creatives!

I tried Leadpages for 30-days a fwhile ago and despite loving it, my business expenses had increased lately and I couldn’t commit to the $37 monthly price or the $300 annual one on top of ConvertKit (which I started investing in so I could deliver my free email course with ease and it’s a worthy investment!). What does a person do in this case when you loved Leadpages but you can’t afford it right now?

We improvise and find a work-around.

Which is exactly what I did. It took a lot of trying work arounds until I found one that worked for me, which I’m sharing below. Before finding this one, I used one rather complex work-around that involved using the Squarespace lightbox form button which I connected to Google Sheets then used Zapier to automatically send subscribers from the Sheet to ConvertKit.  It worked okay until I became aware of one problem;

That work-around did not record analytics to ConvertKit.

Yikes! I needed something that would make things much simpler and still send analytics to my ConvertKit forms.

I’m pleased to report that I found a way using just Convertkit forms and Squarespace- no creating Zaps required! Even though this method requires a little bit of coding knowledge, don’t stress. I’ll be sharing a step-by-step tutorial so you can create your own button pop-up forms that send subscribers (and the analytics) straight to ConvertKit. Ready? Set? Go.

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