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3 Ways to Improve Your Small Business

Perhaps my favourite and even slightly intimidating thing about life and business is how you can never know enough. I like to think of knowledge as infinite because it is just so large and expansive that one can never hope to reach its limits in a lifetime. With that said, knowledge can arm you with the tools you need to succeed in business, that no one can take away.

A few months ago I took a break from design because I wanted to give my clients a lot of value within my design packages. I learned about branding and design in college but still it wasn’t enough. For me to be able to give my clients something that is even more than they expected, I needed to know even more than they expected from me.

So I took time away to learn and educate myself extensively on branding; the development, strategy and theory. I took what I learned and changed my business model from the inside out and I saw the results, they were astounding! Best part? I can now help my clients with the same thing. I help them develop their brands, create strategies, etc. all before I get to design their brand identity. I increased my design package prices and both listed packaged includes every aspect of branding, not just visuals.

Cool right? You too can arm yourself with the necessary skills needed to improve your business and give your clients of customers the best service you can give, and this will all go hand-in-hand in attracting more of your ideal customers and thus generate more revenue for your business. I’m going to list some of the few ways you can improve your business without breaking the bank; you will only need time, patience and perseverance. Ready? *claps hands* Well, let’s go!

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Why Small Business Owners Should Blog

The very first website Allebasi Design had didn’t have a blog. It was more of a portfolio site than a fully-fledged website and I saw that it really didn’t show what I’m about or carry the brand I want to depict forth. When I migrated to Squarespace, I decided to create a blog for the new website so I could show the behind the scenes into my work and share projects I was working on or tips for doing what I do. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my website, especially as an entrepreneur. Today I’m going to share reasons why small business owners should blog:

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