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How to Create Button Triggered Pop-up Forms Using Squarespace and ConvertKit

Hey creatives!

I tried Leadpages for 30-days a fwhile ago and despite loving it, my business expenses had increased lately and I couldn’t commit to the $37 monthly price or the $300 annual one on top of ConvertKit (which I started investing in so I could deliver my free email course with ease and it’s a worthy investment!). What does a person do in this case when you loved Leadpages but you can’t afford it right now?

We improvise and find a work-around.

Which is exactly what I did. It took a lot of trying work arounds until I found one that worked for me, which I’m sharing below. Before finding this one, I used one rather complex work-around that involved using the Squarespace lightbox form button which I connected to Google Sheets then used Zapier to automatically send subscribers from the Sheet to ConvertKit.  It worked okay until I became aware of one problem;

That work-around did not record analytics to ConvertKit.

Yikes! I needed something that would make things much simpler and still send analytics to my ConvertKit forms.

I’m pleased to report that I found a way using just Convertkit forms and Squarespace- no creating Zaps required! Even though this method requires a little bit of coding knowledge, don’t stress. I’ll be sharing a step-by-step tutorial so you can create your own button pop-up forms that send subscribers (and the analytics) straight to ConvertKit. Ready? Set? Go.

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How To Get a 30-Day Free Leadpages Trial

For the past year I’ve been hearing a lot about Leadpages from bloggers I read regularly and how it’s awesome for growing your email list and I’ve been wanting to try it out but unfortunately, I couldn’t see a sign up for a “30-day free trial” link on their website. I resigned myself to not having the chance to try it out until I’m ready to invest in the $37 a month fee…until a few days ago.

While fooling around productively on the internet (haha!), I discovered a way to try out Leadpages for free (almost) for 30-days and it’s such a brilliant tactic on Leadpages’ part, I must say I’m impressed. Anyway, let me go right into it and show you how so you too can try it out if you’ve been wanting to for ages like me:

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