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Five Useful Resources For Graphic Designers

There are a lot of helpful resources out there for graphic designers and in this post I'll be sharing some I have found especially helpful. In my journey as a designer, I have made use of many of those online resources. Some I liked and some I didn't like much, which may just be the same for you; you may not necessarily find the ones I've listed helpful but that is okay. You should try and test many to find your right fit. I strongly recommend that! Without further ado and in no particular order, here are a few online resources I have found helpful.

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The Importance of Setting Business Goals

Setting goals has become a very important part of my life and now and consequently, a part of my business life. I wrote that I set goals for Allebasi Design in college and then I went on and made those goals a reality. From the beginning of last year, I stopped making New Years Resolutions and instead wrote down goals and it was amazing how I achieved more than I did when I wrote down goals instead of writing resolutions.

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What I Learned While Studying Graphic Design

When I left home to study college three hours away in a much bigger city than my hometown, I envisioned the all the people I was going to meet, the things I was going to learn and all the things I would do. It was in some cases what I expected and in some cases not.

Though everyone else’s college experiences may be different, I’m sharing mine in hope that design students and future design students would know what to expect:

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Five Reasons Why It Was Time For a Rebrand

I started Allebasi 2 years ago, in 2013 and until recently, I have never rebranded. I designed it while I was still in college and then it was sparkling, awesome and amazing for me. I was happy to thrust my business cards at anyone and everyone who would take it and perhaps that was motivated by the fact that for the first time in my life, I had business cards that I designed myself.

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How I Found My Niche

One of the advantages about being a graphic designer is that it’s not limiting. It is a broad subject, meaning you can branch out to various types of design like web design, layout design, animation, etc. However, it can be really challenging to market yourself if you are a freelancer.

When I first started Allebasi as a freelancer during my last year of college, I marketed myself as a multidisciplinary designer; a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. This I think confused a lot of people, especially since I did not state what type of graphic design I specialised in. My portfolio was a mixture of everything, there wasn’t one specific theme. To be honest, it was a mess.

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