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Instagram Challenge: Improve Your Brand

Calling all small business owners, bloggers and personal branding enthusiasts! Do you want to make more leads from Instagram; be it clients, customers or networking connections? Do you feel your current Instagram feed is lacking and not strongly representing your brand? I’ve got a challenge for you and I hope you will join me!

Earlier this week I blogged about three ways you can improve your small business and how it needn’t cost you and arm and a leg. To prove that, I wanted to make an example with one aspect; improving your visual branding, specifically on Instagram.

Instagram is great, and if used correctly, it can generate you a lot of leads and sales and you can also use it to meet new people in your industry to collaborate with. One of the best ways to gain leads is to attract people to your feed and engage with them enough for them to trust your name and brand.

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Four Ways to Easily Brand Your Instagram Account To Stand Out Above The Crowd

We’ve all been there right? Been in the rabbit hole of Instagram and came across someone’s profile that made your jaw drop and you instantly fell in love. You know the one; so pretty you can’t stop scrolling, perfectly beautiful photos, style you only dream about? Well, pick that jaw up off the floor my friend because today I’m showing you exactly how to replicate that for your brand.

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