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4 Reasons Not To Freak Out About Email List Unsubscribers + Tips On How To Decrease Your Unsubscriber Rates

So you’ve set up your mailing list that people signed up for. You decide to take the leap and send out a newsletter and suddenly you’re getting notifications for unsubscribes. That’s not what you wanted, you actually want people to subscribe, not unsubscribe! You will be tempted to wail and send emails saying, “Nooo! Come back, stay! Here’s a 50% coupon that you are probably not interested in but it’ll entice you to stay for a little while!” to the people who have unsubscribed to your mailing list. Dramatics aside, maybe you’re gobsmacked to what you should do now.

The common misconception with mailing list newbies is that email unsubscribes are bad and you’re doing something drastically wrong. Don’t freak out, I’m here to tell you that it’s not a bad thing; it’s actually a good thing for your business! Here's several reasons why:

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How To Set Up A Sign Up Pop Up for Squarespace With Mailchimp

Hello creatives!

I’m always making little changes on my website to improve the overall user experience and to also generate leads and conversions in order to build up my mailing list so I could actually have several people to share useful secrets and freebies with and to rant. 

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