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4 Extremely Important Things Newbie Business Owners Should Know

Congratulations on starting your new business! Now that the easy part is out of the way, the hard part begins but it some things don’t have to be hard. There are a lot of things that new business owners should know when running their business but I have compiled a few that I believe are extremely important to running a successful business.

Everything included here is based on what I have learned through trial and error during my three years of running Allebasi Design and because I want you to actually have a successful first year of running your business, I’m sharing it all with you!

Without further ado here’s what newbie business owners or entrepreneurs need to know about:

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Why Being Busy Does Not Equal Being Productive

I used to believe that being busy was something to strive for and the busier you are the better. I thought being busy meant having a lot of things done and when people would ask me what I’m doing, I’d reply with “I am very busy right now” or tell them that I am swamped with work. I thought that being swamped with work is something to be proud of. Boy, was I wrong.

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The Importance of Setting Business Goals

Setting goals has become a very important part of my life and now and consequently, a part of my business life. I wrote that I set goals for Allebasi Design in college and then I went on and made those goals a reality. From the beginning of last year, I stopped making New Years Resolutions and instead wrote down goals and it was amazing how I achieved more than I did when I wrote down goals instead of writing resolutions.

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