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Four Ways to Easily Brand Your Instagram Account To Stand Out Above The Crowd

We’ve all been there right? Been in the rabbit hole of Instagram and came across someone’s profile that made your jaw drop and you instantly fell in love. You know the one; so pretty you can’t stop scrolling, perfectly beautiful photos, style you only dream about? Well, pick that jaw up off the floor my friend because today I’m showing you exactly how to replicate that for your brand.

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Brand Identity and Website Design: Ginger & Gold

There’s new brand identity and website design in town, yay! When I saw that a friend of mine, Lekgolo, had started her own freelance PR company and saw that she didn’t have a brand identity yet, I offered her my services and luckily she jumped at the chance and was enthusiastic about it. Hers may just be my favourite brand identity design yet.

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How I Found My Niche

One of the advantages about being a graphic designer is that it’s not limiting. It is a broad subject, meaning you can branch out to various types of design like web design, layout design, animation, etc. However, it can be really challenging to market yourself if you are a freelancer.

When I first started Allebasi as a freelancer during my last year of college, I marketed myself as a multidisciplinary designer; a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. This I think confused a lot of people, especially since I did not state what type of graphic design I specialised in. My portfolio was a mixture of everything, there wasn’t one specific theme. To be honest, it was a mess.

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