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Three noteworthy reasons why you should brand your online course

Online courses, much like your business, could benefit greatly from branding. I always tell my clients that they are not buying branding, they are buying an experience. See it this way: you need some nice, comfortable running shoes so you can go jogging early in the mornings. You need shoes with proper grip and shoes that wouldn’t fall apart within a year from use. You want quality and you want the experience of going running in those shoes and how they feel on your feet. But which shoes do you buy?

How about Nike running shoes? You’ve seen the advertisements of some lean woman going running on the roads and she’s clad in Nike running shoes and wouldn’t you know, you’ve heard people talking about how awesome the Nike+ running app is and how it tracks things like the distance you’ve ran and you can also compare distances or do running challenges with your friends on the app. So what do you do? You go and buy the Nike shoes because you want the experience! Awesome, right? That’s basically how branding works.

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Brand vs Brand Identity

I have noticed that there is quite a bit of confusion when it comes to brand versus brand identity that the two have began to be used interchangeably. The uses of the terms have evolved and now they are used to describe entirely different things but the two terms are still vastly different. There is also some debate on whether a graphic designer (who designs brand identities) can describe themselves as a brand designer. I describe myself as a brand identity designer because I believe a graphic designer cannot design a brand for a company, but they can design brand identities. So what’s the difference?

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