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How To Get a 30-Day Free Leadpages Trial

For the past year I’ve been hearing a lot about Leadpages from bloggers I read regularly and how it’s awesome for growing your email list and I’ve been wanting to try it out but unfortunately, I couldn’t see a sign up for a “30-day free trial” link on their website. I resigned myself to not having the chance to try it out until I’m ready to invest in the $37 a month fee…until a few days ago.

While fooling around productively on the internet (haha!), I discovered a way to try out Leadpages for free (almost) for 30-days and it’s such a brilliant tactic on Leadpages’ part, I must say I’m impressed. Anyway, let me go right into it and show you how so you too can try it out if you’ve been wanting to for ages like me:

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How To Properly Set Up Google Analytics For Your Website or Blog

If you’ve got Google analytics set up on your website or blog, by now you know how important it is when you want to grow your business but have you set it up correctly? The common mistake of most people who sign up to use Google Analytics is that they set up only only profile when you’re supposed to set up three. Wait, what?  Yes! I also didn’t know that.

As someone who takes my analytics seriously so I can track what’s working and what’s not working for my website and also track popular content and where you are reading this from, I went to investigating to learn more about Google Analytics and realised that I’ve set up my analytics wrong. I’ve since fixed that and today I’m going to show you why you need three profiles and how to set them up. After the jump:

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Why Small Business Owners Should Blog

The very first website Allebasi Design had didn’t have a blog. It was more of a portfolio site than a fully-fledged website and I saw that it really didn’t show what I’m about or carry the brand I want to depict forth. When I migrated to Squarespace, I decided to create a blog for the new website so I could show the behind the scenes into my work and share projects I was working on or tips for doing what I do. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my website, especially as an entrepreneur. Today I’m going to share reasons why small business owners should blog:

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Advantages of Bloglovin' For Bloggers and Readers

 have been tweeting about Bloglovin lately and in the past I have asked some bloggers to link me to their Bloglovin’ accounts and gotten, “what is that?” as replies. Since it’s becoming more and more popular and it is a great tool for business owners, bloggers and readers, I decided to outline a couple of advantages of using Bloglovin’ with the hope that more bloggers and blog readers would make use of it, especially in South Africa where most of my target audience is.

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How I Found My Niche

One of the advantages about being a graphic designer is that it’s not limiting. It is a broad subject, meaning you can branch out to various types of design like web design, layout design, animation, etc. However, it can be really challenging to market yourself if you are a freelancer.

When I first started Allebasi as a freelancer during my last year of college, I marketed myself as a multidisciplinary designer; a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. This I think confused a lot of people, especially since I did not state what type of graphic design I specialised in. My portfolio was a mixture of everything, there wasn’t one specific theme. To be honest, it was a mess.

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