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6 Ways To Refresh Your Website

Hey creatives!

A couple of weeks ago when I decided to take a break from the biz and actually didn’t take a break (smh) I spent time changing little things on my website to refresh it.

I think when we have our websites designed we tend to forget that we regularly need to maintain them to ensure that things don’t get boring for a while. Think about it; how many websites or blogs do you continually visit everyday? How long does it take you before you start noticing little things that you wish could be changes, like maybe you wish the dang sidebar wouldn’t have so many things and my goodness! Is that pop-up form going to appear every single time you visit the site? Amirite or am I right? If you have experienced that, chances are your loyal (or even new) website visitors will also encounter that.

Now, as your resident Web Designer/User Experience designer (ahem) I’m going to let you in on a few ways you can refresh your website so you keep visitors interested and make sure they keep coming back. Okay, content is the most important factor in getting people to keep coming back but design, in this case user experience design, is also a big contributing factor.

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