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3 Ways to Improve Your Small Business

Perhaps my favourite and even slightly intimidating thing about life and business is how you can never know enough. I like to think of knowledge as infinite because it is just so large and expansive that one can never hope to reach its limits in a lifetime. With that said, knowledge can arm you with the tools you need to succeed in business, that no one can take away.

A few months ago I took a break from design because I wanted to give my clients a lot of value within my design packages. I learned about branding and design in college but still it wasn’t enough. For me to be able to give my clients something that is even more than they expected, I needed to know even more than they expected from me.

So I took time away to learn and educate myself extensively on branding; the development, strategy and theory. I took what I learned and changed my business model from the inside out and I saw the results, they were astounding! Best part? I can now help my clients with the same thing. I help them develop their brands, create strategies, etc. all before I get to design their brand identity. I increased my design package prices and both listed packaged includes every aspect of branding, not just visuals.

Cool right? You too can arm yourself with the necessary skills needed to improve your business and give your clients of customers the best service you can give, and this will all go hand-in-hand in attracting more of your ideal customers and thus generate more revenue for your business. I’m going to list some of the few ways you can improve your business without breaking the bank; you will only need time, patience and perseverance. Ready? *claps hands* Well, let’s go!

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Five Things That Make a Good Logo

With so many businesses and brands out there in the world and others being created every second, one needs to make sure that his/her brand stands out and the best and widely popular way to do this is through a logo. Have a good logo and you'll be able to easily stand out and be differentiated from your competitors. Have a bad logo (looking at you Uber, what happened!?) and...well. 

Don't worry though, if your business is new and you've scraped up a logo yourself and you're no designer, you are not alone and you are not the first, nor the last. Many great brands that are still around today have started out with some rather bad logos (Apple, amirite?)  but as they grew, they invested in some quality logo design and now have good, even great logos. So other than the usual, what makes a good logo?

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Three noteworthy reasons why you should brand your online course

Online courses, much like your business, could benefit greatly from branding. I always tell my clients that they are not buying branding, they are buying an experience. See it this way: you need some nice, comfortable running shoes so you can go jogging early in the mornings. You need shoes with proper grip and shoes that wouldn’t fall apart within a year from use. You want quality and you want the experience of going running in those shoes and how they feel on your feet. But which shoes do you buy?

How about Nike running shoes? You’ve seen the advertisements of some lean woman going running on the roads and she’s clad in Nike running shoes and wouldn’t you know, you’ve heard people talking about how awesome the Nike+ running app is and how it tracks things like the distance you’ve ran and you can also compare distances or do running challenges with your friends on the app. So what do you do? You go and buy the Nike shoes because you want the experience! Awesome, right? That’s basically how branding works.

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4 Extremely Important Things Newbie Business Owners Should Know

Congratulations on starting your new business! Now that the easy part is out of the way, the hard part begins but it some things don’t have to be hard. There are a lot of things that new business owners should know when running their business but I have compiled a few that I believe are extremely important to running a successful business.

Everything included here is based on what I have learned through trial and error during my three years of running Allebasi Design and because I want you to actually have a successful first year of running your business, I’m sharing it all with you!

Without further ado here’s what newbie business owners or entrepreneurs need to know about:

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How to Write an Autoresponder Email Series That Engages Your Email Subscribers From Day One

Congratulations! You’ve got your blog up and running, your lead magnet giveaway sorted to entice new subscribers and a landing page all set up. Now you’re ready to start inviting people to join your subscription list...

But hang on a minute!

What happens to your subscribers once they grab their freebie? What are you doing to make sure they stay on your list and engage with you and your brand? If you’re sitting there, hyperventilating because you hadn’t even thought about what to do with your subscribers after they jumped on your list, worry no more.

This blog post is going to tell you EXACTLY what to do to engage your subscribers from the day they join your email list.

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