Introducing: The Allebasi Design Library

Free resources library for creative entrepreneurs

Hello creatives!

For a while now I wanted a space where I could share free useful resources for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers - i.e you- that I have designed and today I’m glad to say that I have started a library! Yaaay! I wanted to give something of value to the beautiful people who have signed up for  my email list which means the library is exclusive to Allebasi Design subscribers so if you haven’t signed up yet, I’m sorry but *Karen’s voice* you can’t sit with us.

Not to worry, if you haven’t signed up yet, you are welcome to below and you will get access to the library and much more cool stuff! So what’s going to be in the Allebasi Design library? Well, I’m glad you asked:


I had so many poster and wall art designs that were just sitting in a folder on my computer and since I had closed my Etsy shop a few months prior, I wanted to share some of the posters I designed somewhere, hence the library!


I’m the kind of girl who loves having a notebook around to dot down my to-do lists, goals and even passive doodling! Because of this I got into planners and I designed my own daily planner for entrepreneurs. Initially I designed the planner with intent to sell it (I worked hard for two months on it!) but I changed my mind and decided to put it into the library for free download. Why? Because I saw me a year ago when I couldn’t afford a lovely day planner and had to make do with notebooks.

I’m planning (see what I did there) to list more planners in the future in the library. Blog planners, social media planners and so on, so stay tuned!


Isn’t a dedicated a library a great place to host all the content upgrade and course workbooks from your blog? I thought so too. This way readers and entrepreneurs like you will get easy access to workbooks they’ll find useful, especially if it’s people who are new to my blog and have missed all the content upgrades from previous posts.  


Whoowoo! Don’t mind me, I get excited at the word ‘book’ because I love books and also when clients book my services. Ahh! See what I did there yet again?  Okay let me stop...back to books, specifically eBooks. Sometimes you may want to write content that will be far longer than your average blog posts...which is where eBooks come in. With eBooks, you get to offer a more comprehensive and detailed look at a particular topic, which is what I would love to do in the near future. So many things planned for you!

That’s the gist of what I’m going to include in the library but right now I’ve got a few posters and the aforementioned 2016 planner listed. Seriously, whatever you do, get the planner! It is so awesome and you will love it! I’m not only saying this because I designed it, I really do love it! Just download it, print it out, bind it in any way you please and get filling. If you post it anywhere (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), tag me so I can see how you’re loving it and so I can send you some love back!

Free daily planner download for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers

The library will only include carefully curated content that I'm certain will be able to benefit you and your business. I won't be posting things just for the sake of posting as I appreciate value and I know you do too.

Now to other news; for the duration of February I’m going to be guest blogging on other bloggers awesome blogs (I will do a master post of all the guest posts I wrote at the end of Feb or beginning of March) and I am also accepting guest posts for this month so if you’re interested in guest blogging for this little space of mine, comment below and send me an email and let’s get talking.

I’d love to have you if you blog about business, blogging, design and branding. :D

To gain access to the library and to download your soon-to-be planner, just sign up below!

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