How To Get a 30-Day Free Leadpages Trial

Did you know you can try out Leadpages for free? It's not even a hack, Leadpages is rather strategic and clever about their trial, you could elarn a thing or two for them. Anyway if you're a blogger or biz owner who has heard praise about Leadpages but did not want to drop cash on it without trying it first, you can now try it out. Click the link to read a step-by-step tutorial on how to get a 30-day free leadpages trial.


For the past year I’ve been hearing a lot about Leadpages from bloggers I read regularly and how it’s awesome for growing your email list and I’ve been wanting to try it out but unfortunately, I couldn’t see a sign up for a “30-day free trial” link on their website. I resigned myself to not having the chance to try it out until I’m ready to invest in the $37 a month fee…until a few days ago.

While fooling around productively on the internet (haha!), I discovered a way to try out Leadpages for free (almost) for 30-days and it’s such a brilliant tactic on Leadpages’ part, I must say I’m impressed. I'm using it together with ConvertKit for my free email course which you can check out here. Anyway, let me go right into it and show you how so you too can try it out if you’ve been wanting to for ages like me:


Leadpages 30 Day free trial how to

Visit the Leadpages website right here and at the second navigation tab right next to 'get leadpages', click on 'templates'.


Leadpages 30 day free trial

This is why Leadpages is really clever: to get access to their 30-day free trial you have to purchase one of their templates as they say here:

Leadpages 30 day free trial

No problem; just sort templates by price and scroll all the way down to the cheapest templates, as the templates' prices are arranged from the highest to lowest.


Leadpages 30 day free trial

Depending on what you want to use it for, you can get a template for as cheap as $1. I wanted a template where people who have signed up to my e-course can share the course on their social media so I selected the one above.


Leadpages 30-day free trial

Click on the template you want to purchase and when the template page pops up, click on 'purchase for $1' at the top right corner of the webpage.

Leadpages 30 day free trial


Leadpages 30 day free trial

When the purchasing pop up window appears, you have an option to select whether you already have a Leadpages account or not. I didn't, so I selected 'I don't have a Leadpages account' and filled in my information.

Thereafter Leadpages will send an email with the login info and password to your email inbox. Be sure to save it so you don't lose the password! And viola! You're done! If you don't want to continue using Leadpages, set a reminder at least 28 days from when you sign up so you can cancel your account, otherwise you'll be charged after your trial period ends.

This is what Leadpages looks like when you login to your dashboard:


Other than the template you've already bought, you get access to what seems like hundreds of other free templates. You can also create Leadboxes to deliver your content upgrades and grow your email list. Really cool, huh?

Leadpages 30 day free trial

And the verdict? I do love Leadpages! It's easy to use once you get used to where everything is. I'm keen to make the most of it and grow my email list and it's easily integrated with ConvertKit as well.

I hope this has been a helpful post for you and that you get to try out Leadpages. Goodness knows I wish I had a post like this to read back when I wanted to try it out and didn't know how.

What do you want to use Leadpages for? Do leave a comment below so I can hear from you!