How To Create A Thank-You Page Like Leadpages' in Squarespace

Fake it 'til you make it. ;)

Fake it 'til you make it. ;)

Hello creatives!

Last week I shared a tutorial on how you can use Squarespace buttons to trigger a pop-up with ConvertKit forms...sort of like Leadboxes. This week I’m back with a tutorial on how you can design your own Thank You page that looks like the popular Leadpages ones with Squarespace’s cover pages.

A lot of bloggers and biz owners who use Leadpages use the Thank You pages so subscribers see something other than a generic success message when they've signed up to a newsletter, course, webinar or whatever has been offered.

Mariah Coz, Melyssa Griffin and Megan Minns are some of the few who I've seen using the Leadpages templates which look like this:

Here's a Thank-You page from Melyssa's website.

Here's a Thank-You page from Melyssa's website.

As amazing as it is, a lot of people cannot necessarily afford Leadpages, especially if they are just starting out. So if this is you, you can create your own Leadpages-like thank you pages using just Squarespace until you can afford to invest in Leadpages in the near future.

This tutorial is short and sweet and I have prepared a free template for you to download to make things even easier.

Ready now? Well, let’s go!

Step 1: Design your cover image

Download the Photoshop template and  open it in Photoshop. The first image you see is the template guideline and underneath the layer is a template example based on the images, text and pictures I use for my own Thank You pages.

To start working on designing your cover image, turn off the visibility of the guideline layer or decrease the opacity so you can see where everything has to be according to the guideline. 

Replace the background image with your own (choose any picture you’d like to include and set a filter layer over it so text is readable and crop it to fit the template guideline), customise the text to say whatever you want it to and edit my credentials to your own.

Template in Photoshop with guideline layer visible.

Template in Photoshop with guideline layer visible.

Template in Photoshop with guideline layer's opacity decreased.

Template in Photoshop with guideline layer's opacity decreased.

Last step is to include a personable photo of yourself, throw up those gang signs and show your teeth. Just kidding! Don't do that, unless it's the kind of thing your brand is about. To crop your picture into a circle, open the photo and use the Elliptical Marquee Tool then copy and paste the cropped photo onto your template and adjust the sizing accordingly.

As soon as you’re done designing your cover image, save for web and log into your Squarespace account because that's where things get interesting.

*suspense music*

Tip: When saving your cover image for web, export at 2100x1400px for a higher definition picture quality.

Step 2: Create a cover page in Squarespace

Create a new unlinked cover page, name it ('course thank you page'? 'Newsletter thanks' or just plain 'Thank-You') and in your 'layout' tab make sure the 'cover' layout is selected.


The layout with the Kiwi fruit is what I call it! Hehe.

The layout with the Kiwi fruit is what I call it! Hehe.

Step 3: Upload your image

Now it's time to get some customising done. Go back to the 'media' tab and upload the cover image we designed in Step 1 above. Real simple!


Step 3: Add your button links and other text

Now that we've added the image, we need to add buttons that would let people share the sign-up page on Twitter and Facebook.

Adding a facebook link to Squarespace coverpage

Tip: Use Bitly to create a shortlink so you can track the number of clicks on that link and use a Click-To-Tweet link so people can send a pre-written tweet.

Then you just need to add your copy; your headline and a few sentences telling people what they will get and asking them to share the sign-up page/form. Optionally, you can head over to the 'style' tab and change the text fonts and sizes so everything appears tip top on your thank you page. In the style tab you can also choose to make your buttons a solid colour (much more like Leadpages' buttons). I chose outlined buttons to reinforce my visual brand.

You can also choose to include your social media icons but I chose not to as the icons obstruct the page a little bit. Just play around with the page and the icons to see what works for you.

Tip: While working on the page, just click on the top left corner of the preview page to preview the cover page on a full-screen so you are able to see how your cover page will appear on the web.

When you're all done just add the thank-you page link to your email form redirects (ConvertKit) and welcome link (Mailchimp). To reuse the cover image for your different offerings, just either duplicate the page or create another unlinked cover page and change what needs to be changed (e.g copy, links) or keep your Photoshop file handy so you can easily change the background images and the quotes.

Here's what mine looks like:


Whew! I hope you find this tutorial and the free template useful. If you did, please don't forget to pin the main graphic to your boards or to share on your social media.

Now, I'd love to hear from you. What do you like the most about thank you pages?