Instagram Challenge: Improve Your Brand

Instagram branding challenge for business owners and bloggers

Calling all small business owners, bloggers and personal branding enthusiasts! Do you want to make more leads from Instagram; be it clients, customers or networking connections? Do you feel your current Instagram feed is lacking and not strongly representing your brand? I’ve got a challenge for you and I hope you will join me!

Earlier this week I blogged about three ways you can improve your small business and how it needn’t cost you and arm and a leg. To prove that, I wanted to make an example with one aspect; improving your visual branding, specifically on Instagram.

Instagram is great, and if used correctly, it can generate you a lot of leads and sales and you can also use it to meet new people in your industry to collaborate with. One of the best ways to gain leads is to attract people to your feed and engage with them enough for them to trust your name and brand.

With that said, I have always loved a challenge and I know there are people out there like you who also do and would love to improve their brands by doing something fun rather than something menial, which is why I created the Improve Your Brand Instagram Challenge. Yay!

It’s my first challenge and I had to go big the first time. Not only will you be participating in a challenge that will be super fun, enjoyable and beneficial to your business and brand, you will also stand a chance to win great prizes that will go towards improving your business and brand as a whole, enabling you to grow and take your business to a next level! Without further ado, here’s the low down:


To create a cohesive, branded Instagram feed with your brand colours and the mood and feelings that are a part of your brand. 

Objective of the challenge

The objective of this challenge is to help you improve your brand and make you more creative in maintaining your brand’s consistency and cohesion with every photo you take and post on Instagram. In the process, you’ll be strengthening your brand and its message and you will have a clearer idea and easier time of how you can use a combination of factors (in this case; imagination, creativity, composition, lights, props…etc.) to improve your brand.

Prize package

Other than the benefits of actually taking charge and being actionable about improving your visual brand, I really want to see you make a success of your business or blog so thought I should invite some of my biz and blogger friends and create a huge prize package that goes beyond improving your brand on Instagram; you will get to improve your overall brand and business as a whole! Here’s what the prize package includes:

  1.  A brand and website design package from me valued at $1580.
  2. A 60-minute Social Media Brand Audit from Ashley Knight of The Ashley Knight Company valued at $127.
  3. A 20-minute Marketing Consulting call with Jenny of Naturally You Photos by Jenny valued at $75.
  4. A 45-minute Boss Blog coaching session from Roniece Wright of Boss Lady Blogger valued at $200.
  5. Maya Elious' Purpose & Profit Masterclass valued at $97.

*As soon as other prize contributors are confirmed, the prize list will be updated. 


Giveaway rules:

  1. Use the hashtag #ImproveYourBrand and tag me (@theallebasidesign)
  2. Follow all the contributors on their Instagram accounts (Follow me here, Ashley here, Jenny here, Roniece here and Maya here.)
  3. Participate for at least 10 days of the challenge

Challenge rules:

  1. Have fun!

Keen to join? I’m inviting- no, I am challenging you to improve your brand. Save and use the prompt photo below to challenge your readers and followers as well and lets make this awesome! Perhaps if more people participate I will create 2 more prize packages so we have 3 winners in total. I’m actually really excited to also be participating at the end of the challenge, I’ll be showcasing some photos on this right here blog!

Instagram Challenge for business owners and bloggers

The challenge prompts are open to interpretation; there is no limit in how you choose to interpret the prompts. ;)

If you'd like to contribute to the prize, just contact me and let us have a chat! Want to further increase your chances of winning? Click and sign-up below to double your chances of winning:

Will you be joining? Let me know in the comments and let's have a pre-challenge party!