How Good Branding Will Benefit You in the Long Run


Hey creatives!

When we first start our business, it’s easy to want to skimp on investing in good design because we find it to be expensive and not a worthwhile investment. But as a matter of fact, investing in a good brand identity design (and even a good brand strategy) could be one of the best initial investments you make in your business. Why? Well, grab those pens and notebooks because I’m going to explain a little something to you about how good branding can benefit you in the long run.

First impressions really do count

Human beings are visual creatures and try as hard as they may not; they still make judgements upon looks. Sure, you could do is attract them with the value of your content and entice them with the service that you offer but to get initial clients, they’ll need to get the impression that they will receive top notch service from you and they’ll judge that according to how you present your products and the service be it through packaging or your website.

People see things first before they could experience them. Take restaurants for example, people see their food first and how it presented before they could even begin to taste it. That’s where the ‘eating with your eyes’ adage is from. It is the same with your branding visuals. You do not want to miss out on potential clients because your branding just didn’t attract them.

Attract them with good design and make them stay with great service and content.

Great design gives the impression of quality

When you invest in great design, you show that you care about customer service and since great design gives an impression of quality, people will expect quality from the products, service or content you offer and be willing to pay more. When you focus on design, you do not have to compete on price; clients will be more accepting of your pricing and you wouldn’t have to waste time trying to convince clients to trust in you and what you could offer for them.

Your clients get quality service and products and you get to be paid what you’re worth.

Great design creates recognisability

With great design you would have invested in consistent visual brand that is able to stand out from other brands in the same market. Wouldn’t it be awesome if people saw a colour and maybe some patterns immediately associated it with your brand? Some great brands do not even have to put their names with their logos so that people will know who they are.

Look at Apple and Nike, their brands became their logo; their brands became the very basis of what they got recognised with. Through their rebrands, they slowly removed their company names in the logos and people managed to just recognise them with just their icons; the famous bitten apple and the swish.

People will recognise your brand and you will get to breed familiarity with them, meaning they will more likely to return to something they are familiar with and will tell their family and friends to do the same.

Design acts as visual communication between you and clients

When talking to potential clients, you would want them to look upon you favourably so that they may work with you or buy our products and content, right? You will do everything to make sure that they know how working with you will benefit them.

 To do that, you need to make sure that every form of communication that comes from you to your potential clients including your website, business cards, fliers and even your business stationery paints you and your business in a favourable light.

Many business owners these days use social media as a means to grow their business. By having a well-designed brand, you will have more success of having your images shared across social media, be it Twitter, Pinterest and even Instagram.

A great design can become a great form of non-verbal communication with your target audience and that will help you get clients much more easily.

Good design can offer a better customer user experience

Websites. Oh boy, do I love websites. I probably visit close to 20 in a day and in this internet age, it’s hard not to go on any websites right? Just think of how many people like me are out there; people who are always looking for their next favourite website to spend hours on. A website that can give them what they want and possibly give them what they need before they even knew they needed that. It is probably your website right?

Use that good design to attract them to your oh-so-pretty site but remember that good design is more than appearance; it is also functionality. If your website looks lovely and all that jazz *makes jazz hands*  but your pages takes eons to load, your site is difficult to navigate and your design elements are not arranged with functionality in mind, you’ll lose more potential customers than you attract.

Tip: Visit design blogs for a list of top website design to see get ideas of the kinds of websites that attracts people and how they are designed. If certain website designs appeal to you, make a list of those and take notice of the very things that attracted you to them so you get an idea of what you could do.

I have seen so many gorgeous websites which were confusing to use and I never returned to them, I’m sure you did too. You can prevent that with great design that looks not only on visual design, but also functionality and accessibility in mind.

Design your website with the user in mind will make potential clients stay longer on your website and you can transform that into sales much more easily.

A great brand identity and website design can cost a lot but there are a lot of designers who will use their knowledge and skills to help you create a great brand that will prove its worth time and time again. That is why it’s an investment. By investing in great design you will get to save more time and money in the long run; time and money that should rather be spent on reaching business goals.

I’d love to hear from you: do you see working with a brand identity designer as a valuable investment for your business? If not, why?

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