Four Ways to Easily Brand Your Instagram Account To Stand Out Above The Crowd

4 ways to easily brand your instagram account

We’ve all been there right? Been in the rabbit hole of Instagram and came across someone’s profile that made your jaw drop and you instantly fell in love. You know the one; so pretty you can’t stop scrolling, perfectly beautiful photos, style you only dream about? Well, pick that jaw up off the floor my friend because today I’m showing you exactly how to replicate that for your brand.

After today, you’ll no longer feel lost wondering how in the world everyone else is doing it... while you’re over here struggling to get that feed you always dreamed about. You’ll know exactly how to create that beautifully branded feed everyone secretly envies, including all your friends. Here’s four ways you can easily brand your Instagram account:

1| Pick 1-2 Filters and Stick With Them

If you implement one thing from today, this is THE one you want to walk away with, trust me. Implementing this single strategy will ensure you’re on the right track to have that IG feed people love coming back to, over and over again.

First, I’ll address the basics. I highly suggest NOT using Instagram’s built in filters. They’re too basic and unoriginal. Instead, try using different photo filter apps like Pic Tap Go, Facetune, VSCO and ColorStory. Checkout my post here to see how I use Pic Tap Go and Facetune to create beautifully branded photos for my Instagram.

“If you’re using multiple filters for all your photos, or using a different filter for each post, you’ve just created multiple personalities for your brand.”

No one really knows who you are, including yourself. Keep it cohesive by picking one or two filters and use only them from here on forward. This tip basically does the trick for you and keeps your feed consistent and on brand. No more split personalities, people will know exactly who your brand is when coming to your feed.

2| Only Post For Your Ideal Customer/Reader

Whether you’re a business or blogger, you should know exactly who your ideal customers or readers are. Are they male or female, what kind of music do they listen to, what kind of movies do they watch, what Pinterest boards are they following, do they have kids, etc? Once you’ve got this nailed down, the next part is easy peasy.

From here on forward when you’re posting on IG,  do me a favor and pause before hitting that share button. Take a breath and think to yourself, will my ideal customer find this photo visually appealing? If that answer is yes, go ahead and post it. If that answer is ‘I’m not sure, maybe or no’… DO NOT post it! Your goal is to attract your tribe and only your tribe, not everyone under the sun.

“Remember exactly who you’re posting for and don’t post for anyone else.”

You want your feed to be tailored to your audience, so much so that when a potential customer comes across you, they take one look and think, ‘holy shit, how does this brand already know me’. Little do they know, it was no accident… that was exactly your intention. Fist bump!

3| Create a Voice For Your Brand

“If your brand could speak, what would it say?”

What kind of words would it use? Maybe it’s your cool cousin that swears a lot, maybe it’s your mom who’s always super proper, maybe it’s your weird aunt Mary…whoever it is, decide what they sound like and what they like to talk about and stick to it. Again, think back to who your ideal customer is…what sort of things are they talking about right now…and talk about those things.

Are they a group of guys that love to to drink? Talk about the new beer that was just released. Are they a group of women that are obsessed with shoes? Show a preview of the new pump coming out and ask them what they think. Are they a younger crowd that loves music? Shout out your new favorite album that was just released.

“Whoever they are and whatever they’re into, stay relevant and in the conversation.”

Every time you’re typing in a caption, replying to a comment, commenting on someone else’s post…it’s crucial to use your brand’s voice every single time. Does your brand use words like killer, badass, rock on…or sweet, awesome, great…or of course, darn it, cool? Decide what those words are and use them consistently across the board.

4| Be Consistent with Your Photos

Are your photos dark, brightly colored, whites, neutrals? Maybe your photos are people in action, closeups, artistic, unusual angles, architecture, etc. Decide what your “thing” is and go for it while never looking back. This basically takes the guesswork out of most of your posts. You’re no longer scratching your head over what kind of photo you should post today. You know exactly what sort of photos you’re looking for.

If you’re a product based business, your customers will start to take notice of your “look” and try to replicate it when posting photos with your products in hopes to be featured on your page. The best part about this? People start creating content for you, content you’re able to share (with their permission of course), that is perfectly on brand for you.

Once you’ve nailed down who you are and what you stand for, your audience will take notice and want to be apart of that by sharing their photos too and tagging you. They’ll know exactly what their photos should look like in order to get your attention.

Alright, no excuses. You now know exactly what you need to do in order to get your account looking top notch. Make sure to snatch my FREE checklist on how to write a killer Instagram Bio here.

This has been a guest post by Lindsay White, Professional Gangsta Boss. Let me know your thoughts about IG branding in the comments. How do you brand your Instagram?

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Lindsay is the owner and designer of Lot801, a children's brand for the off-beat cool kids, founded in March of 2014. Lot801 achieved some pretty major press coverage early on, gaining the attention of magazines, celebrities and top websites prior to hiring a PR firm. This is when Lindsay decided to launch Lot801 Marketing to teach other entrepreneurs to achieve the same. You can follow her on Instagram Twitter @lot801, email her at and visit her website