Three TED Talks That Changed The Way I Do Business


I don’t know exactly when I got into watching TED talks but I know why; I had these spaces of time where I had nothing to do and I could not fill my sketchbook with doodles that were typical of a slow work’s day. But because I didn’t want to waste time, I wanted to spend the time doing something productive, or at least something that would improve my life in some way and boy, was my life improved.

I watched a TED talk every day on different subjects and there were plenty that really touched me, some that put things into clarity and some that made me a better entrepreneur. Also, as a hearing impaired person, I loved and appreciated the closed caption available on every TED talk, yay! Today I’m going to share links to those that made me a better entrepreneur with hope that they will inspire you to also change the way you do business.

Simon Senek- People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

Oh boy, oh boy. Danged if this TED talk didn’t hit home and danged if it didn’t make me change things. In his TED talk Senek, a leadership expert, explains why leaders and companies are successful (using the example of Apple and Martin Luther King jnr); they know why they do what they do and the people who follow them or purchase from them, are the people who also believe in what they do. It’s the ‘why’ that motivates behavior.

According to Senek, knowing your ‘why’s is the most important This TED talk was the biggest reason why I did some ‘Spring-Cleaning’ on this website. I redesigned my landing page and changed up my about page.

Seth Godin- How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

This TED talk from marketing guru Seth Godin is a great lesson in standing out. In his TED talk, Godin uses clever examples to drive home why in a world where there are too many options and so little time, bizarre ideas are more successful in getting attention than boring one.

His message is, “spread the idea that your message is unique by doing something remarkable. Is your idea remarkable?” This talk will be really useful for all the entrepreneurs who are struggling to stand out in their niche.

Joseph Pine- What Consumers Want

For a lot of business owners out there who are struggling to get the kind of consumers they want, this TED talk will give you a great idea of how you can tailor your services or products to target your ideal customers. Pine explains the various stages economical progression in a timeline to get to the current one; an authentic experience.

He further elaborates that consumers want to have a great authentic experience and companies that realise that will reap success. He uses Disney and Starbucks as examples and also quotes Shakespeare’s Hamlet (I designed a poster based on the exact quote and you can get it as a freebie just by signing up for my mailing list) to cement his point. Make a note of his 3 Rules for Business People!

Now I would like to hear from you. What are your favourite TED talks that changed how you do business? I’d love your suggestions for more to watch!

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