Twitter Chat for Entrepreneurs


When I’m procrastinating doing things I really should do (like writing blog posts!) I can be found online on the internet, just casually scrolling and surfing. On one such occasion I wanted to link with other creative entrepreneurs in SA and it was such a struggle. I asked around on Twitter and even asked on Reddit. There were a handful who actually replied to me and I’m so keen to find more about them and support their ventures. After enquiring on Facebook, I came across a few people who wanted to start their own businesses but do not know how or where to get support. Because of this and knowing that I can be able to help using what I’ve learnt on my journey, I had an idea to host an Entrepreneur Chat on Twitter where fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs would come together to share their stories, tips and advice.

So starting from this week on Friday the 21st, I’ll be hosting the Entrepreneur Chat alongside Lesego Semenya, also known as Les Da Chef. Lesego is a real qualified chef (I just had to emphasize) who quit the corporate world for the food industry and his aim is to share the truth about food  (which made him infamous among particular people when he discusses their favourite foods, haha) in order to “debunk the complexity that is really not that complex when it comes to food.” He is popular for his #ChefTips on social media and you can check out his blog here where he shares tidbits about his life and also shares his recipes.

I may hand over hosting duties to other entrepreneurs (let me know if you’re interested to host the next one) and I hope it’ll be a regular thing and a positive and inspirational source for all entrepreneurs.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, I’m extending an invitation to you to join us. We’ll be sharing stories of our journey from beginning to where we are at now and I hope we’ll be touching on some of the following topics:

-          How and where to get support

-          How to effectively brand your business

-          Tools and resources to use to effectively run your business

-          Overcoming obstacles and challenges

People will be encouraged to start their own additional topics that we can expand on and discuss as well.

By doing this we will be opening up a narrative and hopefully inspire more young people to start their own businesses and in addition, we could also be a source of support for each other. This will also be a source of networking for everyone and I’m looking forward to knowing more entrepreneurs!

If you’re interested and would like to join us, see below for details and mark your calendars!


Follow Les Da Chef on Twitter here.

Follow Allebasi Design on Twitter here.

I hope you will join us. The more, the merrier!