Getting To Know Allebasi- Ten Favourite Things


Today I’m sharing a few facts about me so you can get to know me better. I figured that if I’m going to get to know you better, then I’ve got to reveal parts of myself first so I’m sharing ten of my favourites!

1 |  Favourite book: Yes, I had to start with a favourite book which is…hard to choose! But quickly and in no particular order, three of them are: Tuesdays With Morrie -Mitch Albom, The Fault in Our Stars – John Green (I still haven’t seen the movie!)  

2 |  Favourite animals: Owls, Otters and dolphins. Fun fact: when I was young, I badly wanted a dolphin and would always pester my parents asking them to get me one and that we would put it in our dam, which is nowhere as big enough.

3 | Favourite movies: Like books, hard to answer since I’m a cinephile. But two of them would be: Dead Poets’ Society and Forrest Gump. Both equally heart-wrenching.

4 | Guilty pleasure: Marvel movies! Oh my goodness gracious I looove them!

5 | Favourite song: Constantly changing but right now it is Ed Sheeran’s Photograph. Full disclosure: most of my favourite songs are comprised of Ed Sheeran songs.

6 | Favourite artists: Matisse, Andy Warhol, Van Gogh

7 | Favourite TV character: Stefon from SNL. Bill Hader, hmm mmm.

8 | Role models: Mum (kindness and work ethic), my big bro (selflessness) and Jesus.

9 | Non-creative hobbies: Reading, dancing, singing very excellently  badly to my favourite songs, being out in nature with the dogs (so relaxing!), and sleeping (haha).

10 | Favourite childhood author: Roald Dahl hands down.

I’ll be sharing more facts about me in the coming weeks with a different topic each time. I hope you’ve enjoyed my favourites things. Do I have any in common with you? Be sure to leave me a comment! :)