Getting To Know Allebasi: Ten Facts About Me

facts about allebasi design


Whoo hoo! I am so happy to be back blogging. The reason for my long absence is because I was moving. I am now based in Johannesburg which is great because I’m near a lot of networks and I’ll actually be able to meet with clients face-to-face and attend a lot of events as well! I am excited, I’ll be working in-house for a couple of months and from there, we’ll see where Allebasi will be based. :)

Since my last get-to-know Isabella (me!) post, I’ve seen how popular it was and I decided to come back with another post. This time I am sharing ten facts about me. Here we go:

1| Matisse (and my mum) got me into art.

When I was still very young my father bought a store that used to be a second-hand bookstore and the previous owners had left a pile of books behind and one of those was a biographical book of Matisse’s paintings. Because I was a quiet kid who hardly spoke and just sat around and observed people instead my mother bought me a watercolour set so I would have a means to express myself and I used the book as a reference for all my paintings, starting with a great replica of Madame Matisse. The rest as they say: is history.

2| I’m really good at waste bin basketball.

Back in high school I was always offered crumpled up pieces of paper to throw away (because I was nearer to the bin as I was always seated in the front) and instead of getting up, I would just aim into the bin and shoot…successfully. It then became a classroom game and even today I’m still good at it but somehow I’m better if I shoot using my left hand (I am right-handed). Weird.

3| I love animals.

I grew up on a farm and as long as I remember, there wasn’t a time when we didn’t have animals around us. I grew to love them (kindred spirits) and be intrigued by them…as long as we are not talking about reptiles or arachnids. Yikes! I am terrified of venomous snakes. I like to think I’m a dog person but I like cats too. ;) If I tell you about all the animals I find amazing, it’ll have to be another post.

4| I listen to all types of music.

I don’t have particular favourite genre of music. I listen to a wide range of singers and bands. If you had a look at my music library, you’d probably be confused. Full disclosure: I own all the High School Musical soundtracks. My go-to music when I’m designing or writing is Ed Sheeran. Always Ed Sheeran. <3

5| I am a bookworm of note.

This won’t come as a surprise to many. The Allebasi brand itself is also inspired by books. I love, love, love books. Life would be sooo boring without books. Earliest memory of books? Being 4 years old and sat at a kitchen table while my late grandmother read The Gingerbread Man to me.

6| I didn’t take any formal art lessons until college.

My schools didn’t have formal art classes (bring art to more schools! It is so important!) and all the knowledge I had up to college was self-taught.

7| I am obsessed with Tumblr and Buzzfeed.

Really! I could peruse Buzzfeed all day and I’ve been known to send friends emails full of Buzzfeed links. Tumblr is just awesome. It’s where I find cool things without actively looking for them. You can follow my personal Tumblr here or my art Tumblr (where I post a selection of my non-branding work) here.

8| I am terrified of driving.

This is a real, genuine fear and to this day, I am still trying to get over it. This doesn’t mean I can drive, I just can’t seem to relax when I’m on public roads. I tense up and stall and roll the car a lot, haha. I only seem to relax on roads I am very familiar with and where there isn’t a lot of traffic. At home I don’t even a bit of anxiety when I drive on the bucolic roads but put me on urban roads and anxiety shoots up through the roof. Hopefully I’ll be able to get over this fear and soon. I received my driver’s license a year ago after failing once for rolling, haha.

9| Other than writing blog posts, I write a lot of stuff.

Short stories, novels, screenplays, poems…you name it. Writing is a release for me; it is a way to turn the numerous ideas floating around in my head into something tangible and I actually love it. Who knows? Perhaps someday I’ll be a published author. ;)

10.    I’d love to travel and the one international place I’m dying to go is London.

I am fortunate to be living in the beautiful place that is South Africa (Cape Town has been voted the most beautiful place to visit in the world). I haven’t travelled much but I’d very much love to. I’m lucky that with Allebasi I can take my work anywhere with me and hopefully soon I’ll be able to visit (and even live there for a couple of months) London. Do you live there or have visited before? Any good places I should check out?

I hope you have enjoyed the second installment of getting to know me. Now it’s your turn! Tell me about you, do we share any similarities? I’d love to hear from you!