Advantages of Bloglovin' For Bloggers and Readers

Advantages of Bloglovin for Bloggers and Readers

I have been tweeting about Bloglovin lately and in the past I have asked some bloggers to link me to their Bloglovin’ accounts and gotten, “what is that?” as replies. Since it’s becoming more and more popular and it is a great tool for business owners, bloggers and readers, I decided to outline a couple of advantages of using Bloglovin’ with the hope that more bloggers and blog readers would make use of it, especially in South Africa where most of my target audience is.

But what is Bloglovin’?

Bloglovin’ is a website (they have an app, as well) that lets you follow the blogs you love and keep you updated. Perhaps you may have heard and maybe even used the since discontinued Google Reader, which used to let users follow the blogs and websites they loved and have them all on one page, instead of having to visit those blogs and websites manually. Bloglovin’ is like that. It too, uses an RSS feed to list blogs (which means you can follow any blog or website that has a valid RSS feed), whether the blog or website owners have signed up for Bloglovin’ or not.

With Bloglovin’ you get all the blogs you love on one dashboard; it’s like Twitter, but for blogs that are not limited by characters. ;) You also have the option to have Bloglovin’ email you to update you with the posts your favourite bloggers have posted so if you forget to log onto Bloglovin’, you don’t have to miss a post! Not only this but on Bloglovin’ you can save posts to read later. Awesome, isn’t it? But just how beneficial it is? Read on for some of the advantages of using Bloglovin’



If you’re a business owner but do not have a blog on your website, please read my post on why business owners should blog here.

Nowadays bloggers can be called business owners as many make a living from their blogs as brands and plenty of business owners blog. So when I use the term, ‘blogger’, I’m referring to anyone and everyone who blogs, just to avoid confusion.

It drives traffic to your site.

The primary reason we blog is to have people look at our content and also check out more of our posts or the services we offer, in hopes that we would gain a loyal follower in one. Bloglovin’ gives followers who follow your blog or search for it a preview to your posts and they have the option to save it to read later or read the whole post. When they click on your post to read, Bloglovin’ shows your whole website, but inside Bloglovin’. Readers then have access to not only the blog post on view but to your entire website and they do not have to log out of Bloglovin’ for it. However, if you’d prefer to read the posts without the Bloglovin’ frame, you can opt out in ‘settings’ and see the posts just as they appear on the blog.


You get free marketing

Bloglovin’ is free to sign up for and use and the best thing is that it markets your blog to your target market; blog readers. To attract readers specific to your niche, Bloglovin’ also has the ‘explore’ option where readers can explore more blogs to follow according to their interests and that’s how you get the readers you are targeting and thus your blog grows.

Access to blogging resources

Bloglovin’ has many successful bloggers who share free advice and tips on their blogs for you to freely make use of. You can find anything from how to design the perfect blog to strategies to get more readers for your blog. Many bloggers are there to gladly help.

Access to blog statistics

Similar to Google Analytics, you can use Bloglovin’s analytics to track your stats and Bloglovin’ also shows you your most popular posts so you can know which posts people are more interested in and then do similar posts in future to engage more readers.


I first joined Bloglovin’ as a reader so I can keep track of the blogs I follow and their posts. I saw how it made reading blog posts easy and simple. When I wasn’t online, I could still read the posts because Bloglovin’ emailed them to me. Here are more advantages of Bloglovin’ for readers:

It’s easier to keep up with the blogs you love.

Bloglovin’ makes reading blog simple; follow all the blogs you love and have their posts all appear on one dashboard for you to read or save to read later and never miss a post!

You can easily find new blogs to read

By utilizing Bloglovin’s ‘explore’ button, you get to have many lovely blogs for you to peruse and follow, all at your fingertips. Beats trawling Google for blogs you may be interested in, no?


You can also follow other blog readers like you

If you want to make friends with other readers, you can do it through Bloglovin’. There are probably many blog readers who love the same blogs you do and may just suggest more for you to follow and who knows? Perhaps that would be the start of a budding friendship! You can either find friends buy inviting your Facebook friends or by inviting friends through email. Bloglovin’ also shows a list of features users for you to follow as you’d like.


That’s it! Are you already using Bloglovin’? What do you like about it? If you’re not making use of Bloglovin’ yet, signing up is easy and straightforward. You can also follow along with the Allebasi Design blog by clicking below: