Branding Design: Introducing The Rebrand

I decided a few weeks ago to rebrand not only the website but Allebasi as a whole. I wrote a post about why I rebranded here.

This time around I wanted to delve deeper into the Allebasi storytelling theme which meant unlocking the aspects of books. I created a mood board of the feelings and tone I wanted my new brand to portray and I saw that most of the pictures I included have an old-school modern vintage feel. There’s type written quotes, by Hemingway and Fitzgerald (who are amazing), a typewriter, a dainty bookstore, soft pastel tones, a page from my notebook and even an old pair of Chucks.


Looking at the mood board, it’s clearly reflects my inner soul. I set to designing the logo which still retains the pencil icon and the colours from my first logo, with the grey colour a little softer than the initial one. I added one more main colour; turquoise, which is a colour I’ve grown to love in recent years. It’s a complimentary colour, and it brings a sense of tranquility and calm (whereas purple shakes things up) so turquoise balances the brand. I chose a white background for a clean seamless design which is a far cry from the dark grey background I used in the previous brand identity design.

I chose to have a tagline for my brand this time around; A Great Brand Tells a Story, because I love brands that tell stories and my aim is to also design brands that tell a wonderful story.  

I’m partial to sans serif fonts in design. I just believe they are seamless. This time however, since I wanted things to be a little old school and look like it was typewritten, I paired the sans serif logo with a serif typeface. Usually you want to pair a sans serif with sans serif but I wanted to try something new, hence why my new brand design is comprised of both sans serif and serif typefonts.

My favourite thing about this old school storytelling theme is that I get to print my business cards with a letterpress and seal my thank you notes or letters with a wax seal which is just exciting to me (and may just mean I’ll be sending a lot of letters). I also love that the brand is more grown up, serene and most importantly, feels like home.

It makes me feel nostalgic, and I hope that my target audience also feels a sense of nostalgia every time they see encounter my brand. Ultimately I’d love for them to feel included; the way a person would when reading a book.