Branding Design: Koffie Kantien


In college we had a chance to work on many branding projects and I’m including a few in my portfolio.

For this particular design projects, I had to design a new brand identity for a fictional coffee shop slash gallery called Koffie Kantien (Coffee Canteen). The objective was to create a ‘green’ identity that would have little or no impact to the environment. It was a challenge and I loved it.

Before beginning any project I do a lot of research and in this case I researched competitors, the latest in green corporate identity design and I saved a couple of pictures to inspire me through the design process. Then begin the preliminary sketching of potential logo ideas which we were always encouraged to do as plenty of then choose according to the design theme we’ve thought of. In the designing of a logo, you could come up with a theme first or the logo sketching would aid in coming up with a theme.

The logo

Since Koffie Kantien is both a coffee and gallery, I wanted to incorporate both of those aspects into the logo and thus came up with a coffee cup with a paint palette on top. I wanted to make the logo as minimalist as possible so it’ll use less ink for printing and thus I used one colour for the logo icon.


The business card

I admit I was very excited to work on the business card. I created an unconventional circular one to make it interesting and the business card would double up as a coaster! This ties beautifully with the coffee shop and would make little impact on the environment; the business card would be printed on recycled cork. This also benefits Koffie Kantien greatly because instead of people throwing the business card away, they’ll have a practical use for it and will always have the number to refer to in case they want to order takeout from Koffie Kantien.


As with every branding identity design, you have to design elements/collateral depending on what type of business it is. Koffie Kantien makes use of stationery like complimentary slips, letterheads and envelops. What makes all these environmentally friendly is that the tan colour is not ink, it comes from the recycled paper used to print the stationery which means less ink used and less paper wasted.

This was a fun brand to work on because I love branding design that not only solves a design problem, but also an environmental or social problem. I’d definitely love to work on more environmentally conscious in the future!