The Importance of Setting Business Goals

how to set business and blogging goals plus free goal setting, goal planning worksheet

Setting goals has become a very important part of my life and now and consequently, a part of my business life. I wrote that I set goals for Allebasi Design in college and then I went on and made those goals a reality. From the beginning of last year, I stopped making New Years Resolutions and instead wrote down goals and it was amazing how I achieved more than I did when I wrote down goals instead of writing resolutions.

The way I see it they worked like a vision board; I wrote them down and I’ll see them whenever possible and get reminded of what I need to do and work towards making them happen. Most important of all, they came from a fervent desire to make them happen.

I have set goals for Allebasi for the next 12 months and for the next two years and I’m working towards making them happen. I feel that the goals I have set are really instrumental in the growth of my company but that’s not all. There are other reasons why setting goals is important in business. Read on…

They give you the motivation needed to succeed.

When you’ve set your goals, you are motivated to achieve them that you don’t let anything stand in your way. You’re prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed and as a business owner, this will come in very handy when you reach obstacles.

They make you accountable.

If you don’t achieve the set goals for your business, who do you have to blame? Yourself. You are obligated by your set goals to make them happen; you commit yourself to taking action rather than just talking about it.

They make you better.

It’s no secret that goals help you reach your highest potential, especially if the goals you have set are beyond what you are used to; you get to try something new and push yourself to new heights. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your goal setting. You’ll get to push yourself, be better and work better than you were yesterday as work to achieve your goal.

They give you clarity.

When you set goals you have clarity when it comes to where you want your business to go and instead of being all over the place with your marketing and branding strategies, you’ll get to have a clearer focus and a clearer objective of the path you want to take. This gives you simplicity and saves precious time as you get to dedicate time doing things that would really help your business to grow instead of wasting time trying everything hoping that somehow you’ll find out how to lead your business to growth.


Have you set goals for your business yet? How are they helping you run your business better?